MIJNVORM® comes with (1) a standard warranty and (2) an extended production warranty at MIJNVORM® products for every customer who registers their product in the MIJNVORM® database and for those customers who give their response to the feedback of MIJNVORM®.

1. Standard warranty

Standard warranty applies from the date of purchase of the MIJNVORM® product. A warranty claim can only be honored by a proven structural defect of the product, material deficiencies or caused by the production process. The warranty only applies due to a defect during normal operational indoor use of the product.

The term of the warranty differs from one product to another. At our website and in the general terms and conditions we provide information on which warranty applies to which product. The term of the warranty starts on the date of purchase of the product. All claims of a defect under this warranty should be reported immediately and in writing to MIJNVORM® within seven (7) days after discovering of the defect in a product. The date of purchase has to correspond with the serial number of the product and the invoice of MIJNVORM®. The terms of warranty will start at the date of purchase. Warranty given by MIJNVORM® does not cover any damage caused by:

  • damaging fluid(s) for the seat cover

  • a fall on the floor or hitting other objects

  • to abrade to solid, raw or sharp objects which leave traces behind

  • normal traces of wear

  • damages by pets

  • every change or alteration to the product by or at request of MIJNVORM® or end user

  • parts on request without approval by MIJNVORM® in writing before the assembly, in the product or in any way connected to the product.

Distributor /end user shall send the defective product to the manufacturing of MIJNVORM®, Genenberg 28 in Broekhuizen at their own cost. MIJNVORM® will inspect the defective product on arrival of the defect product without any delay. Distributor/end user can also make a detailed description of the defect part, make a photo and send it directly to MIJNVORM® by postal service or email.

MIJNVORM® will return the repaired or replaced product to the distributor or the end user. In case there is no defect found on the product or in case the warranty does not cover the defect, MIJNVORM® will charge (the reasonable) expenses being made for inspection and return shipment at the distributor/end user. MIJNVORM® determines if your product carry a warranty. The warranty of MIJNVORM® only applies for the costs of assembly and necessary replacement with new parts. The seat cover is covered by a limited warranty issued by MIJNVORM® for a period of one (1) year from the day of original purchase.

The fabrics Valencia™ and Silvertex™ have a warranty for the period of two (2) year caused by chafing, caused by a kind of wear-through. MIJNVORM® accepts no responsibility for any indirect damage, consequential damages, incidental damage or punitive damages or loss of profit or loss of good will. For the MIJNVORM® standing-seat workstations, footrests, and industrial floor mats the manufacturer's warranty is valid.

2. Extended production warranty

The extended production warranty applies to MIJNVORM® products for every customer who registers their product within one month after the date of purchase in the database of MIJNVORM® via the website by filling in the individual serial number which is located on every product. At www.mijnvorm.nl you will find a link to register. It covers the production warranty. The extended production warranty has a term of five (5) years following after the standard warranty regarding the condition of use as referred to in paragraph 1. End users or distributors will take care of transportation to the site of MIJNVORM®. This warranty only applies for labor and assembly costs. New parts are excluded and expenses of the end user or distributor. The extended warranty only applies to the registered customers who respond to an electronic feedback and cooperate in research by a survey sent by email under the condition that the seat is regularly maintained.