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MIJNVORM® is developing products for professional who perform precision work in a sitting or upstanding position. We are not an industry but a philosophy. A real Dutch manufacturing company! Specialized in four different kinds of industries: veterinary, health care, beauty, and tattoo.

Our love for craftsmanship makes us think in solutions. We combine innovation, product development, customization and craftsmanship into our collection which is completely developed and manufactured at our own site. Our products are produced by craftsman from the region with materials from the region resulting into highest qualitative and ergonomic sound furniture.

Via partners in the Benelux, Germany, France, and Sweden our products are internationally distributed to the market. Ergonomics, quality, and service are the number one priority at MIJNVORM®.

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Nieuwe leverancier voor MIJNVORM

Wielen zijn belangrijk, juist daarom hebben wij een samenwerking gezocht met de marktleider op gebied van wielen; TENTE. TENTE produceert al 90 jaar wielen die gebruikt worden in onder andere de medische wereld. Bij MIJNVORM zal de gehele...

French partner for tattoo branch

Great business you do not alone, you do that together. To share information about products, to listen together what customers want. Together with ITC we provide the tattoo artists the best materials to work with.  ITC is the market leader in France for...

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Quality and sustainability are important. MIJNVORM® therefore, decided to work with skilled professionals and materials of the highest quality standards from the local region to guarantee that every product is made with the greatest effort.

Warranties are important but in case something goes wrong service is even more important after the warranty period, that’s how we distinguish ourselves. As a customer, you are part of our family!
In different ways we can provide service, even remote, to solve any problem with a MIJNVORM® product.

Our service and maintenance department is equipped to serve you at your own site to repair or modify products as specified by you.

We can deliver international services through our partners in the Benelux, Germany, France, and Sweden!


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Office, showroom & fotostudio
De Hulst 8a

Warehouse & production
De Hulst 8a

Opening hours
Monday untill Saturday from 08:00 - 17:00 (timezone UTC+1)
visiting showroom only on appointment

Chamber of Commerce: 66584531
VAT number: NL856619358B01